Dates The MWXL is an official partner league with the NXL, this means…

   + When you play the MWXL you are gaining points towards the overall Midwest NXL Championship.
   + The NXL Midwest Championship final event is also the MWXL's fifth and final event for the season.
   + The MWXL is giving away two free entries to World Cup, 1 for D3 and 1 for D4.

MWXL events will be refereed by a combination of Shock 2 along with a few Aftershock players.

Get up to the minute infor on our Facebook page. Don't miss out on what's going on at the field!

The MWXL is supported by GI Sportz and therefore is an event paint only league.

Day of event paint will be $55/ case of 4 Star
Pre paid event paint will be $45/ case of 4 Star


Contact Us
If you wish to speak to someone reguarding the individual events you can call 708.418.3335 and or email Janssen Spain.